We are a financial advisory & wealth management firm who know that your planning is the most valuable investment you make towards your goals.

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We assist individuals every day to saving for & achieve their financial goals while creating efficiencies on taxes, asset allocation, Social Security Strategies, pension elections & much more!

Knowing that time is the only thing we can’t make more of we will give you just a few things that set us apart briefly here:

We are a Fiduciary: Our registration requires that we act in YOUR best interest at all times.

 We Believe In Planning First: Our method of planning establishes and prioritizes your goals first. It also creates accountability and partnership between our firm and our clients.

 We Are Independent: As an independent firm we have no obligation or pressure from any investment or insurance company that could otherwise create conflict of interest. This allows us to objectively plan and advise you on the situation at hand.

We Are Comprehensive: Although that has become somewhat of a buzz word in an attempt to consolidate accounts, we require 2 most recent years of tax statements, annual SSI statements, and all year-end statements to name a few. This allows us the most accurate and clear picture of what to consider while maintaining any accounts here, or helping you in a sudden time of need.

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About Us

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You deserve highly skilled, deeply personal planning for
your goals. Not a sales pitch.

What Makes Us Different

We specialize not only in the strategies aimed at saving enough for retirement; we also work to provide the best Social Security, Pension, Tax & Withdrawal strategies to make your money to last.

Here are a few things you can come to expect as a client:


We work rigorously to follow the complexities of changing tax, legal & economic events so that you don’t have worry about them or having to come out of retirement.

Clear Actionable Guidance

We provide clear, understandable & actionable guidance to the people we serve. It is of the upmost importance that this is a partnership between our firm and you. All decisions that we make will be related directly to our planning & your investment policy statement. We will always refer back to the same plans & documents when advising you on any larger purchases, business risks or other considerations you may bring to us.


Due to our fully integrated technology platforms we are able to provide our clients with immersive, meaningful and engaging experiences even while working 100% virtually. Comfort, convenience and time efficiency have all been some of the highlights we are told.

Know Before You File

We understand that not one size fits all. That’s why we not only incorporate an evaluation of your maximum Social Security efficiency & return into every plan we do; but we also offer it as a stand-alone strategy session for those interested. Not only that, but we specialize in making sure that you don’t miss any overlooked strategies between your filing and savings that could otherwise impact those benefits or potentially your taxes adversely.

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To best understand how this applies to your unique situation we find that a conversation works best. Pick a time and date that works for your schedule and we can have a few minutes discussing things on the phone!

How To Work With Us

At Coastal Wealth Planners we understand that there is not a one size fits all approach to your unique needs, concerns and considerations. As a result, we have a number of ways that our clients work with us. Interested in learning more? Schedule a Complimentary Consultation Call With Us Now


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How It Works (Our Process)

We want to know exactly how we can help you and bring value before you make any commitment. This allows you to know if we are a good fit as well, therefore we offer a complimentary two-meeting process before formally moving forward.

1: Complimentary phone consultation (30 Min.) No Fee

2: Discovery Meeting (1 hr.) No Fee

3: Plan creation & presentation with clear, actionable recommendations

4: Ongoing Review & Support (only for Subscription-based planning and Wealth Management offerings)


Infographic on Coastal Wealth Planners Ongoing Planning Process Steps


How Do I Know If I’m a Good Fit?

We are able to deliver the greatest value for our clients who desire planning and guidance tailored to their specific situation. Although we do not have a minimum account balance necessary to work with us, we seek to provide massive value in our planning and wealth management offerings. Typically, those with $250,000 or more of investable assets gain value from multiple specialty planning areas that we offer. For this reason, we work to ensure during our complimentary two-meeting process that we can provide value and that you see a value from working with us before moving ahead. So if you are unsure, either book a free consultation call , email us at [email protected] or call us directly at (732)554-1099.

View Our Common Types of Clients And Solutions:

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What Makes Coastal Wealth Planners Different?

There are many things that make us stand out, here are three to consider:


  1. We are specialists in planning, investing in industry-leading technology to simplify our clients lives and make your goals easier.
  2. We limit the number of new clients that we take on each year to ensure that we can deliver massive value and personalized service.
  3. We are a firm that operates with your best interests first and a family-centered approach.

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Fees & Compensation

Transparent fees with flexibility to fit your specific needs.


One-time fee that covers a customized review of your financial situation, goals, and needs with specific recommendations.

$2,500-$10,000 *Fees range depending on situation and complexity.

  • Building, protecting and distributing wealth
  • Portfolio construction
  • Asset allocation
  • Estate planning
  • Life insurance
  • College funding
  • Retirement planning
  • Executive compensation


For project plans specific to a target area without a full financial plan. Common situational examples listed below

$250-$500/Hour (Est. Hours Provided at agreement)

  • Social Security Maximization
  • Risk Evaluation & Risk Score
  • Allocation Review
  • Insurance Review
  • Investment Evaluation


For ongoing support, guidance & review. Clients may elect to continue a planning relationship for a flat monthly fee.


  • Continued access with Advisor
  • Scheduled Reviews & Proactive Call-outs
  • Track progress to success over time
  • Adapt to life events & changing needs


We will design, implement and manage an investment strategy, including investment research, analysis, and selection.

0.5%-1.25% Annually (see fee schedule for more details)

Wealth Management clients view professional management as a way to accomplish investment objectives while freeing up valued personal time.


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COVID-19 Resources

More than ever we are here to help. The team at Coastal Wealth Planners are ready and willing to accomodate your needs for guidance & help via phone or virtual meetings to adhere with social distancing standards. We understand that this is a very trying time for many of you physically, emotionally and financially. We have taken extra care to continue to be vigilant on the safety and security of our community during this pandemic. In addition, we have compiled useful tools and information below as resources for you. We encourage that if you have any questions to reach out via phone (732)554-1099 , email: [email protected] or use our appointment scheduling app at the bottom of the page to reserve a time.

During this time a little planning can go a long way in creating piece of mind, security and financial health. Together we will make it through this.


Kyle Hart
Founder, Lead Financial Planner
Coastal Wealth Planners



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