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We assist individuals every day to create efficiencies on taxes, asset allocation, Social Security Strategies, pension elections & much more! Knowing that time is the only thing you can’t make more of we will give you just few things that set us apart briefly here:

We are a Fiduciary: Our registration requires that we act in YOUR best interest at all times. We do not get paid commissions or transaction fees, removing the conflict of interest present in many advisor’s guidance and decisions.

We Believe In Planning First: Our method of planning establishes and prioritizes your goals first. It also creates accountability, partnership and actionable guidance between us and our clients.

We Are Independent: As an independent firm we have no obligation or pressure from any investment or insurance company that could otherwise create conflict of interest. This allows us to objectively plan and advise you on the situation at hand. Learn More Here or Watch This Short Video

We Are Comprehensive: Although “Comprehensive” has become somewhat of a buzz word in the industry to consolidate accounts, we require your 2 most recent years of tax statements, annual SSI statements or projections, and all year-end statements (or account linking) to name a few. This allows us the most accurate and clear picture of what to consider while maintaining any accounts, providing guidance or helping you in a sudden time of need. This is true comprehensive, holistic financial planning.

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There are many reasons that our client’s choose to work with us because of, here are just a few for your consideration:

  1. We specialize not only in the strategies aimed at saving enough for retirement; we also work to provide the best Social Security, Pension, Tax & Withdrawal strategies to make your money last.
  2. We offer flexible ways to work with us as we understand that not one size fits all. For more information visit the how to work with us page.
  3. Our free Retirement Evaluation, an hourly “Is my portfolio right? Double check” or the Social Security Optimization reports are some of the limited engagements that you like many others can try without a long, large commitment before taking more significant steps.
  4. It is our conscious effort to take a limited number of new clients every year in order to maintain a strong, positive culture and provide the best level of service to you.

It’s our belief that we should work on your terms and educate you along the way without a fee for every step of the process. This allows mutual trust to build between yourself & us until you are ready to further the relationship. We (Coastal Wealth Planners) also make best efforts to evaluate that you are a good fit for our team via your ethics, personality, needs & willingness to partner in this process. We see our clients as family and peers – there is no tolerance for disrespect, shouting orders or refusal to take part in the planning, implementation & maintenance of  your financial livelihood. Such actions where deemed necessary can lead to a termination of the relationship between Coastal Wealth Planners and a client.

Core Values



It is our honor to have the trust and commitment of our clients that we serve every day. You can rest well too knowing that we must put your best interests first as your Fiduciary Advisors. Coastal Wealth Planners was founded after years of witnessing the incomplete ‘advice’ being given amidst conflicts of interest by Wall St. & Large Discount Brokers alike whom all have sales goals & targets. There are no hidden fees or sales tactics in how we run our business.


It’s no mystery: money can be hard to talk about. It can also be compounded by current circumstances or the relationships we formed with money (or the lack of) when growing up. Our patient approach and understanding of behavioral finance will help guide you through making sound decisions in these times.


From beginning to end it is our goal and our commitment to guide you. Our holistic approach will aim to best pre-position you for the investment goals you have and unlike many others our expertise does not end with savings alone. A guided withdrawal approach with tangible tax savings will be an annual part of our continued planning, support & oversight.

Benefits of a Tax Efficient Distribution Strategy:

You’ve spent your life saving for retirement. But how do you make it last? From taxes, sequence of returns risk, inflation & longevity there are certainly risks ahead. Coastal Wealth Planners specializes in efficiently positioning savings for later use and/or guiding our clients on how to take money in a meaningful, sustainable way (all while working to save you on taxes at the same time!). We provide you with clear guidance on:


Where to distribute from?

When to take distributions from each account type you may have?

How to take these distributions, and/or utilize tax planning strategies such as conversions, charitable giving, account re-positioning and re-investing based on account types/investment type (asset class) per account?

Debt pay-down, refinance or loan payoff (including student loans) guidance if necessary.

KYLE HART: Founder, Lead Financial Planner

Kyle Hart is the founder and lead financial planner for Coastal Wealth Planners. Outside of his professional pursuits he is very passionate about spending time with his wife and three children. Kyle and his wife Carla enjoy being outdoors or on the beach with Mia, Emma & Lucas every chance they get.

Coastal Wealth Planners is a fee-based financial planning & wealth management firm. After spending many years in the industry and overseeing $530 Million in client assets at a large brokerage firm, it was clear that investors both need & deserve more than what can be offered to them from most firms. With that in mind, Coastal Wealth Planners was born..

For more background and information on both Kyle’s career & Coastal Wealth Planners. Visit the page links below:

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