Our Story

Money is a topic that brings up a lot of emotion in all of us. This can range from excitement to joy on one end to stress, fear or discomfort on the other. Therefore, money can be a great dividing force in marriages, families and friendships.

Growing up, I was one of two children with a Father who worked in a sales/service position within the propane industry and a mother who was disabled due to M.S. We had to be careful with spending, do without from time to time but always be there for one another. I couldn’t have asked for better parents or a better family though.

As I look back on what I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember, it would be to help others and to learn how to give both my family and those that I serve financial freedom. To be truthful, that’s what lead me to the finance industry: the desire to educate myself and help others because of the relationship with money that I had growing up. As a result, I jumped in with two feet and spent years with some of the top investment firms in the industry. During that time, I helped make a difference in thousands of lives between planning and reviewing portfolios for those that I served. But there was still something that was missing.

Financial Planning Should Not be a Sales Tool

As I spent more and more time in the industry, I came to find that helping people discover what their financial goals really are (and why) for the first time was something truly amazing. As a result, all our planning and decision-making processes could fully focus on my clients financial as well as personal values. This is what gets me out of bed filled with energy and excitement to really make a difference in the lives of those that put their trust in me.

What had happened in the years before starting Coastal Wealth Planners was that planning was simply a sales tool in corporate finance; something to move the needle forward for the business and help aggregate assets. It was given for free with limited depth and was a catalyst to move forward with bringing accounts over so that we could “right the ship” for lack of a better term.

What I Felt Compelled to Change

Skilled planning should take a front seat when it comes to providing advice. Where money is held, what products it’s in, or if you are willing to move it to our firm or not should not be an obstacle to getting advice. Financial planning is about you, your family and all your feelings (aspirations, fears, concerns and goals). The pressure of sales should not be a part of that process, and by creating Coastal Wealth Planners it never will with the clients that I serve. I also want to make these services available to all those who feel they need it. As a result, there are 4 different service models that go from hourly all the way to Wealth Management to fit your needs and comfort levels. As part of this objective approach only one of the four requires that you hold any investments with us!

What We Deliver to You

Our goal much like our story is to provide you a deeply rooted relationship where you are truly listened to and all our advice as well as guidance aligns with what is most important to you. Our core values echo this commitment: Honesty, Integrity, Consistency, Commitment, Partnership, Development and Respect. If you feel that you’d benefit from an open and honest discussion about your money as well as investments, we’d love to work with you!

About Us

Coastal Wealth Planners is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm that deeply believes in goal-based, holistic financial preparation. Bringing nearly a decade of experience, Coastal Wealth Planners understand the concerns and needs that clients face in the markets as well as in their lives. It is our goal to simplify the complex financial needs that our clients face in order to bring peace of mind while giving them the time to focus on other areas of life. The motto of our company “The Journey Starts With You” is a testament to our approach. It is our belief that in order to best serve our clients we must start with a relationship that helps define each individual’s core values with a fiduciary approach. By taking the time to develop this relationship we are able to have a deeper understanding of what is most important to you and how that translates into the needs, wants and wishes benchmarks that we set while putting your best interests first. Our process follows four steps of Discovery, Review, Action Steps and ongoing support. Throughout the process we partner closely with our clients as well as other members of their financial team such as Accountants and Attorneys. We also strongly advocate collaborative planning among multi-member/multi-generational households or businesses. It is our honor to serve our clients while creating deep rooted relationships with the members of our communities, and we look forward to getting to know you!