Oil Takes Largest Slide Since 1991, Overall Market Futures Hover Around 5% decline

Oil is adding onto the coronavirus volatility with prices selling off in excess of 20% (largest since January 1991). Oil’s fall comes as a result to OPEC failing to strike a deal with its allies regarding production cuts. In reaction to the lack of a deal Saudi Arabia slashed prices, indicating that they would be looking to ramp up production and creating fear of an all-out price war that could ensue. Continue reading “Oil Takes Largest Slide Since 1991, Overall Market Futures Hover Around 5% decline”

Retirement and College Savings Considerations

Wondering how to balance out retirement planning along with college savings goals? We will cover that as well as account types for college savings here!

Balancing Retirement and College Savings Goals

First, lets talk about the balancing act that we all have to consider when it comes to these two lofty goals. The average retirement is now averaging 30+ years due to advances in medicine and longevity. At the same time, the average 4 year degree has a tuition of $129,000! So how do we make sense of funding both of these goals and what should be considered? Continue reading “Retirement and College Savings Considerations”

Retirement Savings Tax Hacks & Small Business Retirement Savings Options

In today’s post (and corresponding podcast episode) we talk to Joshua Zirilli, CPA about some of the retirement options available to small business owners and how they can be used to save on taxes. We want to make sure you read to the end because Joshua is going to explain a strategy to turbocharge your retirement savings that is unfamiliar to most people. Continue reading “Retirement Savings Tax Hacks & Small Business Retirement Savings Options”

5 Bad Habits That Kill Your Ability to Become Wealthy

Wealth may be a long term goal of many, but its the small habits that make or break your ability to achieve it.

Wealth: it can mean something different to each person that you speak with but in the context of financial wealth there are make-or-break habits that can often be overlooked. Today we will cover five bad habits that are killing your ability to become wealthy. Continue reading “5 Bad Habits That Kill Your Ability to Become Wealthy”

The 4 Questions to Ask Your Current (or perspective) Advisor

Thinking of hiring a Financial Advisor or looking to evaluate your current relationship? Here are 4 Questions you should ask NOW:

1: Are You A Fiduciary?

Asking an advisor if they are a Fiduciary will give you insight on if they allow any conflicts of interest to interfere with the advice you are getting. The Fiduciary standard will have your interests first as compared to the “know your client/best interest model” of a non-Fiduciary. In a “best interest” model you simply have to receive advice and investment recommendations that are appropriate for you but not necessarily best pricing, liquidity, etc. Continue reading “The 4 Questions to Ask Your Current (or perspective) Advisor”

SECURE Act: What you need to know

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What Is the SECURE Act?

The SECURE act stands for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement and was signed into law on December 20, 2019. The act focuses mainly on retirement legislation and has been argued to have been the largest piece of retirement legislation to have been passed in the last 13 years. However, within the act there are benefits for College Loan Payments in 529 educational savings accounts and an exemption for birth or adoption expenses from retirement accounts that previously hadn’t existed. Because of these changes it is important for you to be aware how they may impact you or your previous planning approaches to these financial goals. In this update we will explore what has changed and what action steps you should consider as an investor. Continue reading “SECURE Act: What you need to know”