Divorcing? Know these key considerations when settling assets.

Divorce is a process that can be exhaustive emotionally, physically and mentally for those who go through it. As amicable as one would hope and like for things to go there many times may be a lot of emotion, consideration and disagreement that can take place during the process. I say this not only from what I have witnessed in the clients that I’ve helped over the years but as someone who has gone through the trials and tribulations of the divorce process first hand myself.

“It is important that we look deeper in these efforts (or consider working with someone in regards to the financial aspect) to ensure that we aren’t on face value seeing 50/50 ‘split’ as completely fair or equitable. Remember: its not what you get from your settlement, its what you keep & where what you keep will position you for the many years to come.”

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Could another check be headed your way soon? HEROS Act goes to House vote today.


Today the U.S. House of representatives is set to vote on the Health Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROS) Act. This would mark the fifth piece of legislation directly addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and the wake of economic peril its left many in. The bill spans 1800 pages and has an estimated sticker price of roughly $3 trillion.

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Is the market ignoring all of the warning signs?


As the country stays mostly under strict stay at home orders due to COVID-19 and states begin to evaluate a return to “normalcy” there are staggering numbers in the wake. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an incredible shift in the daily lives of households, their income, sense of security and as a result how and where they spend. As we await the retail sales numbers for April and look at the -17.22% YTD return on the Dow we have to wonder if the markets are fairly pricing in all that’s been going on?

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Watch Out for These 3 Retirement CARES Withdrawal Mistakes

For retirement withdrawal needs the CARES act may seem to present a unique opportunity, but its important to watch out for potential mistakes.

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What the CARES Act allows: up to $100,000 in total withdrawals from retirement accounts (IRA, 401k or other tax-deferred account types) with the 10% penalty waived. In addition, there can be the ability to pay back the funds within 3 years of the distribution to eliminate the tax liability. This all may sound very tempting for you to take advantage of but there are pitfalls to consider before moving forward. Continue reading “Watch Out for These 3 Retirement CARES Withdrawal Mistakes”

Two Major Opportunities You May be Missing Right Now.



Right now the precipitous drop of the markets along with fears over the spread of COVID-19 may make it feel like the sky is falling. However, two major opportunities are there if you act.

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Considering Accessing Your Retirement Money Due to Coronavirus?


Note: the information presented herein is not to be considered individual financial advice. Contact us for an evaluation of your unique situation and personalized guidance.

The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the markets and disrupted many family’s incomes. This may leave limited options and have you considering using money you’ve parked in retirement plans or IRAs. There are important things to know while making an informed decision. Continue reading “Considering Accessing Your Retirement Money Due to Coronavirus?”

Recently Retired or Planning to Retire soon? It’s Time to Check in.

Published: 3/23/20

Recently retired individuals and those nearing their time to retire are suddenly flooded with unexpected market losses care of COVID-19. This leaves many recently retired wondering if they’ll have to return to work, and those planning to retire soon considering if they need to push plans back. If you are in either of these two groups it’s time to evaluate your positioning. Continue reading “Recently Retired or Planning to Retire soon? It’s Time to Check in.”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reaches Ocean County NJ


The Ocean County Health Department announced late Friday that a Manchester man is the first Ocean County resident to have a presumptive positive test for COVID-19, state and county officials said Friday. He is among 21 new cases in the state of NJ bringing the total to 50 cases of COVID-19 in NJ, Health Commisioner Judith Persichelli said Friday Afternoon. Continue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reaches Ocean County NJ”

The Importance of Portfolio Re-balancing

Portfolio re-balancing is a practice that should be added to the practice of investors for proper risk management. Using the three major asset classes for the purposes of simplicity we will look at stocks, bonds and cash. Due to the risks involved on each of these parts of your portfolio they will not grow or drop at the same rates. Therefore, while the markets rise and fall your balances in each of these will take up more or less real estate than they were initially intended to causing ‘portfolio drift’. Continue reading “The Importance of Portfolio Re-balancing”