Divorcing? Know these key considerations when settling assets.

Divorce is a process that can be exhaustive emotionally, physically and mentally for those who go through it. As amicable as one would hope and like for things to go there many times may be a lot of emotion, consideration and disagreement that can take place during the process. I say this not only from what I have witnessed in the clients that I’ve helped over the years but as someone who has gone through the trials and tribulations of the divorce process first hand myself.

“It is important that we look deeper in these efforts (or consider working with someone in regards to the financial aspect) to ensure that we aren’t on face value seeing 50/50 ‘split’ as completely fair or equitable. Remember: its not what you get from your settlement, its what you keep & where what you keep will position you for the many years to come.”

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Considering Accessing Your Retirement Money Due to Coronavirus?


Note: the information presented herein is not to be considered individual financial advice. Contact us for an evaluation of your unique situation and personalized guidance.

The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the markets and disrupted many family’s incomes. This may leave limited options and have you considering using money you’ve parked in retirement plans or IRAs. There are important things to know while making an informed decision. Continue reading “Considering Accessing Your Retirement Money Due to Coronavirus?”

Recently Retired or Planning to Retire soon? It’s Time to Check in.

Published: 3/23/20

Recently retired individuals and those nearing their time to retire are suddenly flooded with unexpected market losses care of COVID-19. This leaves many recently retired wondering if they’ll have to return to work, and those planning to retire soon considering if they need to push plans back. If you are in either of these two groups it’s time to evaluate your positioning. Continue reading “Recently Retired or Planning to Retire soon? It’s Time to Check in.”

SECURE Act: What you need to know

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What Is the SECURE Act?

The SECURE act stands for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement and was signed into law on December 20, 2019. The act focuses mainly on retirement legislation and has been argued to have been the largest piece of retirement legislation to have been passed in the last 13 years. However, within the act there are benefits for College Loan Payments in 529 educational savings accounts and an exemption for birth or adoption expenses from retirement accounts that previously hadn’t existed. Because of these changes it is important for you to be aware how they may impact you or your previous planning approaches to these financial goals. In this update we will explore what has changed and what action steps you should consider as an investor. Continue reading “SECURE Act: What you need to know”

The 3 Risks Every Pre & Post Retiree Should Know About NOW


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There is a retirement risk that every pre and post retiree may not be seeing right in front of them. I have had the pleasure of working with many different people of different backgrounds, needs and goals over the years that I have been a Financial Advisor. One of the most common reasons that people not only save but seek planning is for their retirement, and why not? No person wants to work for their whole life without the ability to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor. As a result, we do our best to adhere to some of the basic principles: work hard, save early and watch our spending. However, there are constant forces that we need to account for when we transition into spending the savings, we worked so hard for: inflation, taxes and sequence (order) of returns. Let’s take a look at this through the eyes of a retiree who we will call Jane. Continue reading “The 3 Risks Every Pre & Post Retiree Should Know About NOW”

Why Your Financial Health Should be Treated Like Your Physical Health


Take your vitamins, get plenty of exercise, eat well, brush your teeth. These are simple tenants of our basic care along with keeping up on an annual physical or any other milestone tests that are recommended for preventative care. As a result, there is a greater likelihood that medical issues can be found and addressed earlier on or prevented all together. So, the big elephant in the room is why aren’t we treating our money in the same way? The same simple concepts can easily be translated into healthy money habits however knowledge is only half the battle and action is needed to make a difference in your financial outcomes. Let’s talk a little about the similarities and what you can do: Continue reading “Why Your Financial Health Should be Treated Like Your Physical Health”

The Top 6 Things You Forgot to Consider While Planning for Retirement


Planning for retirement can feel like a daunting task. Not only does it involve thinking about many unknowns such as what you might be spending in 20-30 years or when to take social security but there are also things that you can forget to include as part of your retirement planning.Today we will cover six things that you may have forgotten to consider when planning for your retirement. Continue reading “The Top 6 Things You Forgot to Consider While Planning for Retirement”

What the Middle Class income looks like and why it can still lead to major net worth.


Recently I’ve seen a number of financial articles around Millennialslack of retirement savings as well as Seniors working longer because both groups expressed feelings that they can’t afford to save for retirement (see linked articles from Business Insider as well as CNBC). As we previously covered the topic in our 5 Simple Things You Can Do To Save More even the smallest of events can lead to serious savings. Continue reading “What the Middle Class income looks like and why it can still lead to major net worth.”

Investment Advice Leaving You Feeling Sold to? Maybe You Are.


Studies show that investors who partner with a professional to plan have less stress, anxiety and overall, they can show to have higher success rates in achieving goals they have set. There are many reasons why this is and we outlined some of them in previous posts such as Why You Should Partner With a Financial Planner (Even if You’re a Pro) as well as Why Your Goals Are the Only Index to Measure Against. But one of the things that can be nagging investors in their relationship is that they feel like they are being sold when they work with their professional, and there can be many reasons for this such as the style of the professional’s delivery. However, one of the bigger topics over the last few years can also answer why things may feel this way: is the professional a fiduciary or not? Continue reading “Investment Advice Leaving You Feeling Sold to? Maybe You Are.”

6 Reasons to See Your Financial Planner Right Away


The partnership with a Financial Planner can go a long way in order to keep things on track, make you feel more at ease and give an opinion that is more objective on your progress to the goals that you’ve set.Our recent post Why You Should Partner With a Financial Planner (Even if You’re a Pro) covered some of these topics in more depth. During this partnership there should be periodic collaboration to spot check where things stand and make sure everything is on track while resolving any questions or concerns. However,sometimes there are instances that should have you pick up the phone and set up an appointment sooner than later that we will cover here. Continue reading “6 Reasons to See Your Financial Planner Right Away”