Fee-Only, Fiduciary Virtual Retirement Planning & Wealth Management Firm.

 Coastal Wealth Planners is not your average investment firm, see the difference today.we are trusted.we are your partner.we are comprehensive.

We identify & correct the risks investors (and average advisors) miss that could cost achieving your goals.

Our process simplifies the guidance, implementation and oversight needs of our clients while giving them back time and confidence.

We aim to serve your best interests by minimizing tax inefficiencies, lowering investment fees and correcting for insufficient or improper planning.

Who We Are:

Fiduciary advisors keeping your best interests as the first part of every decision we make. We don’t just talk about ‘comprehensive’ or ‘holistic’ planning, we work directly with your providers to tie it all together for you. All done without the traditional conflicts of interest firms or brokers face daily.

Who We Aren’t:

We aren’t paid by investment trading or kickbacks. We do not require that you have money here to work with us and we don’t over-complicate industry jargon, investment strategies and concepts to confuse you.

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What Sets Us Apart?

At Coastal Wealth Planners, we assist individuals every day to create efficiencies on Taxes, Asset Allocation, Social Security Strategies, Pension Elections & much more! Knowing that time is the only thing you can’t make more of we will give you just  few things that set us apart here:

We are a fiduciary:

Our   registration requires that we act in YOUR best interest at all times . We do not get paid commissions or transaction fees, removing the conflict of interest  present in many advisor’s guidance and decisions.

we believe in planning first:

Our method of planning establishes and prioritizes your goals first. It also creates accountability, partnership and actionable guidance between us and our clients.

we are independent:

As an independent firm we have no obligation or pressure from any investment or insurance company that could otherwise create conflict of interest. This allows us to objectively plan and advise you on the situation at hand.   Learn More Here or   Watch This Short Video

we are comprehensive: 

Although “Comprehensive”  has become somewhat of a buzz word in the industry to consolidate accounts, we require tax statements, annual SSI statements, and all year-end statements (or account linking) to name a few. This allows us the most accurate  and clear  picture of what to consider while maintaining any accounts, providing guidance or helping you in a sudden time of need. This is true comprehensive holistic financial planning.

How it works:

Many investment professionals may assist in areas of investment selection, account selection & future value at retirement. However, these areas by themselves simply fall very short of the due-diligence and expertise you deserve. Our process combines:

-Portfolio Construction (what investments to hold)
– Asset Location (where to hold them: Roth, Traditional IRA or Taxable)
– Social Security Strategy (for tax efficiency and optimal benefits)
– Roth Conversion or Backdoor Roth implementation strategies
– Account Withdrawal Strategies (order of withdrawals & Pro-rata v sequential withdrawal considerations)
– Taxation of Social Security Benefits, Medicare Premiums & Other offsets due to strategies presented.
– Tax savings to your loved ones & estate as a result of recommended strategies.

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