Long gone are the days of the old-school broker. The one who cold-called and introduced them-self in a phone call you didn’t see coming. However, there are still some of these old practices that still stick around and create inefficient approaches to your wealth.

If you’ve been around reading our content for some time you are aware that planning for you is our foundation to everything we do. However, if you still have “a guy” that calls with a ‘great opportunity’ or a call to sell what they previously recommended for the ‘newer’ or ‘shinier’ option you’ve got some serious consideration to do.

To be candid, you should consider if there’s really a “relationship” or just transactions between yourself and your broker. One of the biggest reasons to reconsider where you stand with your broker is that if you haven’t had significant life changes has the market or their previous ‘best ideas’ really changed that much to facilitate the need for swapping one piece of your portfolio for another? If the answer is no, it may be time to start finding your next adviser.

We believe in a long-term approach, one that is well suited for both the growth and contraction that the market will create. This doesn’t mean that our approach will not take slight overweight or underweight positions on the holdings that build the portfolio. However, the base approach and fundamentals have already been custom tailored to your needs and goals. This is a hallmark of a fiduciary Financial Planner who does not gain compensation from trading one investment to the next. The fiduciary standard simply means that your best interests come before anything else, especially before the compensation of your professional.

So if you feel that your ready to evaluate a different approach to your financial future contact us today!

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