The Ocean County Health Department announced late Friday that a Manchester man is the first Ocean County resident to have a presumptive positive test for COVID-19, state and county officials said Friday. He is among 21 new cases in the state of NJ bringing the total to 50 cases of COVID-19 in NJ, Health Commisioner Judith Persichelli said Friday Afternoon.

Schools as well as Universities have taken note early on deploying questionnaires home to gather information on at-home computer access for the possibility of remote schooling. Since that time, there have been moves at the local school level to take half or full staff in-service days to further prepare for the possible needs to teach remotely.

In other news, the markets fought strongly to bring back some of the losses from previous sessions yesterday. All three major indexes (Dow, S&P and NASDAQ) closed out the day with just over 9% gains as we headed into the weekend. The additional liquidity of a Fed bond buy-back program, strong efforts to make COVID-19 testing more accessible to everyone and the relative discount to previous pricing (p/e) on the markets drove Friday’s momentum.



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