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Can your retirement savings withstand its tax bill & the fees your: 1) investments, 2) account fees, &
3)broker charge for your entire life?

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Coastal Wealth Planners is a fee-only, retirement planning & wealth management firm.
But what does that all mean to you?

1) We are a ‘Fee-Only’ firm: most simply, this means we never take money from investment/insurance providers, other investment vehicles or by way of commissions. Our Fees are based on the combined considerations of your situational, planning needs, and overall complexity along with being very fee aware. 

2) Retirement Planning Focus: we specialize in Retirement planning, Social Security Optimization, pension, and other retirement income election planning and tax efficient investment strategies. Specializing in this area, including the complexities of retirement decisions (now and down the road) allows us to perform at our best. You would never dream of having your general physician try their hand on your open-heart surgery, would you? So why do the same with your retirement?  

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