“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Financial planning is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s current financial state, and the projected future state as it relates to one’s goals.This includes gathering all current financial information such as: income,debt, savings, investments and real property that can contribute to one’s networth as well as current or future goals. As important, the process entails evaluating each individual’s or family’s goals and values. This allows us to prioritize goals while practicing both cash-flow and goal based financial planning.

Our process is committed to helping you:

  • Understand your current situation
  • Have actionable, impactful guidance
  • Focus on your personal values as the foundation of our planning

As such, the following elements of financial plans should be addressed and revised as necessary:

  • Retirement Strategy: One of the most common planning goals, the plan should include a strategy for accumulating the amount of retirement savings and income you need for multiple market conditions. In addition, the plan should account for inflation as well as after tax withdrawal needs. We guide our clients to efficiently accumulate as well as distribute their retirement savings.
  • Risk Management: The financial plan should include a review of applicable insurance coverage, portfolio allocation, withdrawal rate risks, taxes and inflationary risks. Risk assessments will also be aligned to your comfort levels with volatility and/or loss as well as probability of success for your goals.
  • Long-term approach: The financial plan should be customized based on specific investment objectives, as well as a personal risk tolerance profile.
  • Tax Efficiency: The financial plan should include a strategy for minimizing tax impacts to each investor and/or household.
  • Estate (Legacy) Planning: The financial plan should include arrangements for the benefit and protection of your assets to be inherited by your estate. A continued evaluation of proper account titles, beneficiary designation and appropriate legal documentation can help ensure any changes in the legal or tax landscape as well as any personal changes are properly considered. Most recently, the SECURE Act has been an example of legislative change impacting millions of estate plans.

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