Legacy Estate Planning encompasses many areas of consideration for the investor that has a conscious intent to pass money on after their lifetime. A thorough understanding of the intent of the plan is the beginning stage of the discovery process that covers who, how and why. We will seek to evaluate who the legacy should be directed towards, how the distribution should take place and why the recipients and distribution methods are important to the individual’s or family’s values. At the time of our initial discovery meeting we will discuss different considerations involving these factors to ensure that we are taking all details into account. Next, we will evaluate any current documentation that has been created to date in the interest of estate planning.

Finally, we will evaluate in conjunction with an estate attorney the current plans in place to asses if they are still aligned with the current intent of the individual or family’s wishes along with the current Estate planning and tax environment. We find that partnering closely with trusted attorneys throughout this process helps to enhance the individual’s experience and strengthens the planning now and into the future as things change. We would love to hear from you about your services and any client needs that may currently be present for you. Take a moment and contact us now so that we can review your needs and services.