Tax Efficient Investing

“Pay the IRS your due taxes but take steps to ensure you aren’t leaving a tip when you leave.”


That is the simple mantra of Tax-efficient investing, keeping more of what you make rather than sending earnings out to taxes. Tax Efficient Investing is an approach to minimize overall tax liability for an investor. A financial decision is considered to be tax-efficient if the tax outcome is less than the outcome of other taxed financial alternatives.

What is Tax Efficient Investing?

Tax Efficient Investing refers to structuring your investment accounts and decisions to cause the least amount of taxes for your household. There are numerous ways to obtain optimum tax efficiency when investing in the financial markets.

Who is it for?

Higher income households or businesses are usually more associated with tax-efficient planning because of the potential for increased savings due to their elevated tax bracket. However, the compounding of saved tax costs over the life of an investment goal can make a more significant impact than most average investors would assume. In addition, choosing and maintaining investments can be a daunting task, specifically when trying to determine if there is a way to make those investments more tax efficient.

Whatever you may decide is up to you, but the team at Coastal Wealth Planners is here to educate and guide you to make the right choices. Our financial professionals will consult with individuals and businesses to determine the best ways to invest to maximize their overall Tax Efficiency.

Why Tax Efficient Planning Is Important

It is important for any investor to understand how much tax they pay per type of investment account or investment vehicle. This allows for a very diverse investment and withdrawal strategy which will cause maximum benefit. The process of selecting and maintaining the best tax-efficient investments and/or accounts is often far from simple, that’s why the team at Coastal Wealth Planners will help you determine which of these are best for your specific situation. Our team will work to help you build a financial plan in order to ensure your investments offer the highest probability of success for your individual goals.

Preparing with and using our professional guidance will ensure that you have properly structured your investment risk and minimized your tax burden. This approach looks to make sure that we focus not only on what you make, but what you keep.Obtaining the professional guidance of Coastal Wealth Planners will ensure that you have an actionable plan to achieve all your financial goals.

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How to Begin Tax Efficient Investing?

As with any strategic plan, the first step of the Tax Efficiency Investing process is to connect and gather information. This will encompass a complete list of all your assets,including investment accounts, bank accounts, real estate, insurance policies,as well as income considerations.

The professional team at Coastal Wealth Planners realizes that everyone has different goals and desires for their life, and strategic planning is an integral part of being able to meet those goals. That’s why it’s crucial to seek the help of a leading professional because there is no cookie-cutter plan that works for everyone. Each family’s financial situation is different and needs to be approached on an individual basis.

Let us provide you with a Complimentary Tax Efficient Investing Introduction, we will answer all of your questions during the assessment and ensure that this approach is right for you.

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